Diversity In Aquatics


With an increased followership across all social media platforms, new automations designed by our team, and a more holistic marketing approach, this non-profit was able to drive more leads for membership and donations than ever before. 

One of the key success factors was the utilization of LinkedIn for advertising. Bantam Marketing helped create and run LinkedIn ads targeting specific demographics and industries, resulting in increased membership and donation rates.


When a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting swimming and water safety in underrepresented communities approached Bantam Marketing, they had a common problem. 

They knew they needed to streamline their marketing efforts to reach a wider audience, but they struggled to create a cohesive brand identity and social media presence that resonated with their target audience.


To achieve this goal, Bantam Marketing started by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s current marketing strategy, identifying areas for improvement, and creating a roadmap for success.

The first area of focus was their social media presence. Bantam Marketing worked with internal subject matter experts to revamp their branding, messaging, and imagery to create a more cohesive and engaging social media presence. 

This included creating a social media calendar, developing a unique hashtag, and increasing followership across all platforms.

To support growth, Bantam Marketing also created email campaigns, landing pages, and automation campaigns designed to increase memberships and donations.

These efforts resulted in significant measurable results. Over the course of six months, social media followership grew by 215% while membership and donation rates increased. 

Bantam Marketing's continued efforts have helped achieve overall growth objectives, including increased membership, donation rates, and audience reach. 

Today, the team is better equipped to promote swimming and water safety in underrepresented communities and continue positively impacting the lives of individuals and families throughout the US.

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