The Naughty Nut


The Naughty Nut, a premium peanut butter brand, is one of the prominent players in the gourmet peanut butter space. When The Naughty Nut approached Bantam Marketing, they saw an opportunity to increase their market share and brand awareness by capitalizing on Bantam Marketing's expertise.


Although The Naughty Nut had a delicious product, they faced several challenges. They had low social media followers, low orders in the first 3 months, low engagement on social media, and low web traffic. 

The Naughty Nut needed a comprehensive marketing strategy to help them overcome these challenges and establish themselves as a direct-to-consumer gourmet peanut butter leader.


Bantam Marketing developed a comprehensive strategy focused on brand identity development, social media management, and email marketing. They started by crafting a fun and playful brand identity for The Naughty Nut that emphasized the brand's unique selling proposition: high-quality, artisanal peanut butter made from the finest ingredients. 

Bantam Marketing also designed snappy packaging that appeals to The Naughty Nut's target audience.

To address The Naughty Nut's low social media followers, Bantam Marketing developed a social media calendar that featured engaging content and highlighted the benefits of The Naughty Nut's peanut butter. 

Bantam Marketing's efforts resulted in significant measurable results for The Naughty Nut. They saw a 111% increase in followership across all channels, 107 orders in the first three months, and a 236% increase in engagement on social media. The Naughty Nut established itself as a viable brand thanks to Bantam Marketing's innovative strategy.

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